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Q:  I suffer from asthma.  Does this mean I cannot learn to dive?

A:  Not necessarily. We will give you a medical form to be signed by your doctor.  It is a decision taken by him/her, and not your instructor. Many people with (controlled) asthma dive.

Q:  I have difficulty clearing my ears when flying.  I believe this will stop me from diving.  Is this true.

A:  We hear this one a lot!  Any residue in the ear caused by infection or wax build-up can make them hard to clear. Often it is just a case of getting some drops from your pharmacist, but if you are worried visit your surgery for a check up.

Q:  I will miss one week due to other commitments.  Is this a problem?

A: If it is unavoidable, we can usually work around one missed week, but more than that would be a problem.  The theory is designed for self-study, and  the knowledge reviews can be run through on the phone with your instructor.  As for the pool training, there are other evenings available from the Dive Zone when you could catch up.

Q:  I qualified as a diver years ago but want to get back into it.  What do I have to do?

A: A refresher session in the pool to brush up on skills, with a scuba review to remind you of safe diving practise, is all you need.  Cost is £25, and this includes use of all equipment.

Q:  We have booked a holiday in the Maldives but don’t want to sit our diving exam on holiday.  Can we do it before we go?

A:  This is the beauty of the referral system.  You complete all the theory and pool training in the UK, then do your 4 qualifying dives (usually over 2 days) in the resort.

Q:  I have never dived in England but want to give it a try.  What are my options?

A: You can start with an orientation dive with the Dive Zone, then if you like it you can join the dive club.  The cost is £65 a year, and there is a monthly club night which involves 1 ½ hours of pool time followed by the pub!  In the pub you will hear what diving is planned for the following month, and you will also get a newsletter e-mailed to you regarding events and holidays.  On top of this, club members get 10% off in the shop.

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